Our best competitors

Superuborka best competitors!

You came to the conclusion that we will not be able to cope with your very complex order, it is not worth working in our company, it is not profitable to invest money in our business?! We are extremely upset by your decision and we think that then you should familiarize yourself with the proposals of our best competitors, they will probably be more suitable for you! As a matter of fact, their list is 1 Most likely ServiceMaster with a net annual income of more than 2.5 billion dollars ServiceMaster - Wikipedia and passed under the management of Roark Capital Group with assets under management of more than 20 billion dollars Roark Capital Group - Wikipedia 2 Jani-King Jani-King - Wikipedia positioning itself as the largest cleaning network in the world, managing 120 offices in 10 countries of the world and supporting a global network of 9000 thousand franchisees, such companies as Coca-Cola have been noted among its clients! 3 And ISS ISS A / S - Wikipedia, despite having more than 450,000 employees (more than Microsoft and Google combined) ISS has extremely low revenues compared to the size of the company, less than $ 200 million a year, which indicates the likelihood of receiving services from a large company with streamlined business processes controlled by the subsidiary market Nasdaq ISS, ISS, (DK0060542181) - Nasdaq (nasdaqomxnordic.com) for little money, which is ideal for stingy people! But do not forget that these companies have been operating for decades, or even centuries, unlike our company, which has not yet gained worldwide fame, entering the Nasdaq market and receiving a huge amount of money from investors to purchase the most efficient equipment today to create ideal cleanliness. on very complex, highly demanding objects! Maybe these companies are not much superior to us in the quality of services provided, (all the more, if you are not a holding company from Fortuna 500 that needs perfect purity of the largest chemical laboratory on the planet from chemicals remaining after experiments in order to protect the health of their employees or patients) in the reliability of building a career or preserving and increasing your investment (hopefully we will be able to work with you in the near future through the Nasdaq subsidiary market for small, and medium-sized companies Nasdaq First North)!