Andrev Robinson

Andrev is responsible for setting pricing, making decisions on hiring and firing employees, as well as the expediency of offering you these or these types of services.

Улыбаясь Лысый Мужчина

Mia Walker

Mia is responsible for the process of training and monitoring the work of all employees, and also takes part in bringing the objects to perfect cleanliness!

Женский портрет

IT Director

William is responsible for website performance and advertising, popularizing on the Internet the importance of cleanliness, cleaning and investing money in these services!

Портрет улыбающегося человека

Emma Harris

Emma is the main consultant and advises you in more detail about the types of services we provide and their cost if you have something left that is not clear on our website or you think that we do not understand well the complexity and type of work at your facility!

Браун Женщина волос