Partnership relationship with superuborka company

You do not want to be employees of cleaning companies and independently resolve issues with the creation, maintenance of the site, and the search for effective advertising channels to attract profitable and interesting customers? The franchise is what you are looking for! We are ready to consider the option of creating a website acting on behalf of our parent brand such as or only for your country of residence, as well as posting information about you and your services on existing sites if you live in countries, sites for which we have already created! How we plan to profit from placing you on our platform 1 Charge you a fixed amount of money for posting on our platform 2 Charge you money to advertise your services in the cities where you live (we will provide you with Google electronic checks where your money is spent and in what amount) we will keep a part of this money for the services we provide to you, having previously agreed with you our interest 3 To charge you a part of the money from the number of your orders, we can track 100% of calls to your phone numbers, and therefore we can have certain assumptions about how much you had about orders! But even though you act as a franchisee on behalf of our organization, and are not our subordinate employees, you can, how to increase trust and interest in our brand, if customers are satisfied with your services and report it on the Internet, and undermine the trust in our brand if you are not performing well! Therefore, we will need photos, video reports on the work you are doing, if your clients agree, their phones, so that we can additionally discuss with them the quality of the work you have done, complaints about you, if any, and make decisions on the advisability of continuing to provide you with the services of our franchise. company! We also want to track your phones (how much time you spent directly at the client's facility), this will be needed if the client claims that you did not arrive at the facility or worked two hours, and not the promised 10 hours, and so on, we also want to know what equipment and substances do you use when working with clients 'objects, since we are interested in providing high-quality services, and not destroying, for example, the upper layers of clients' furniture by disinfecting them with substances completely inappropriate for working with furniture. Depending on the types of work you are doing, we can provide you with certain equipment and certain information about the rules for working with these or these surfaces, objects, things, so that they remain flawless for many years! Thank you for studying information about our franchise and interest in it, all additional questions of interest you can learn from the franchising department of our company by e-mail or WhatsApp +7 909 433 29 96, we look forward to meeting you, perhaps you will become a key division of our company and we will earn a lot of money!